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Forever Paws Animal Shelter gives animals a renewed leash on life by assisting them while homeless, in danger, or generally in need. We are the contracted shelter for the City of Fall River, the City of New Bedford, and the Town of Westport. We house and care for all the stray animals in these areas, as well as animals surrendered by their owners. Our mission is to rehome animals in an ethically positive way that is beneficial to the overall well-being of the animal and our community.

Forever Paws works to give animals the gift of time through managed intake. This allows us to offer comprehensive treatment and care to stray, abused, or abandoned animals.

Forever Paws continues to operate under no-kill practices, offering care for all treatable conditions with no restrictions on length of stay. We will always place the quality of life of an animal as our most paramount charge. Forever Paws is devoted to educating future generations to foster compassionate and humane attitudes towards all species of animal.


We are a non-profit organization, relying on donations, fundraising,

and dedicated benefactors and supporters.

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