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Forever Paws Animal Shelter finds new homes for abused and abandoned pets. Strays rescued from the streets, taken from dumpsters and abusive situations, frightened, hungry and often in need of medical attention, are brought to us and are soon restored to health, dignity, and happiness while in our care.

Forever Paws also works hard to find new homes for pets that can no longer be kept by their owners. Forever Paws offers a positive solution to people finding themselves in the agonizing situation of having to surrender a pet.


Forever Paws is a non-profit organization. It relies on donations, fundraisers, adoptions, and dedicated benefactors, to keep the shelter in operation, as it does not receive any state or federal funding. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors.​

Forever Paws works to give the animals the gift of time. Many municipal shelters are so crowded that the can't keep lost or stray animals for more than a few days.
Every animal taken into the shelter is given complete veterinary care, is neutered or spayed, evaluated and given training and behavioral rehabilitation if needed.

We don't place "time limits" on animals, with the animals' quality of life being our first priority.Once accepted into our adoption program, animals are comfortably housed until adopted. ls' In 2017, we had an adoption rate of 97%.

We educate the public on animal issues.

We provide shelter for area strays, which is a benefit to the public health of our community.


We provide shelter for pets that can no longer be cared for by their owners. This gives great peace of mind to the elderly or ill who find they can no longer cope with a beloved pet.

Our Policies



Forever Paws spays or neuters all animals for adoption. Forever Paws will only allow an animal into foster care prior to spay or neuter if the following circumstances occur:

•The foster home is approved by us.

•The animal is unable to be neutered or spayed due to health problems or age/weight requirements. (As soon as health allows, the animal will be spayed or neutered).​​


We are open by appointment only. Please call for more information!

• All potential adopters must fill out an Adoption Application.

• All background references will be checked completely.

• Animal are NOT adopted on a "first come, first served" basis.

• Animals will be matched with the best adopter for their individual needs.

• All adopters will be required to fill out an Adoption Contract before bringing a new pet home.

• Before consideration for adoption, all animals are evaluated by staff for obvious signs of health and/or behavior problems; however the shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal.

• All animals are given a full set of inoculations and vet care.

Animal Surrender

Forever Paws has contracts with local towns and animal control officials to accept their stray and homeless animals. Due to our limited space we cannot accept an unlimited number of animals from the general public. Please call to inquire about scheduling an appointment.

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