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Our Policies

***We are open by appointment only for preapproved applicants***

 If you are not preapproved, you can call us on the day you are looking to visit to see if we have any open appointments. If we do, we will be happy to schedule you to come in!


Forever Paws spays or neuters all cat and dogs for adoption. Small animals may or may not be altered. In the event that a cat or dog is unable to be altered prior to adoption, for medical or other reasons, the animal will be then considered a "Foster to Adopt" until the animal is ready to be altered. Once altered, the adoption will be finalized. While in "Foster to Adopt" status, the animal is still  legally owned by Forever Paws Animal Shelter. If a medial issue comes up while an animal is in "Foster to Adopt", the foster home MUST contact Forever Paws prior to bringing the animal to a veterinarian. 


• All potential adopters must fill out an Adoption Application.

• All applications will be checked completely. Homeownership, landlord, veterinary references etc. will be checked during the process. 

• Animal are NOT adopted on a "first come, first served" basis.

• Animals will be matched with the best adopter for their individual needs.

• All adopters will be required to sign an Adoption Contract before bringing a new pet home.

• Before consideration for adoption, all animals are evaluated by staff for obvious signs of health and/or behavior problems; however, the shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal.

Click above to download our adoption forms!
Click above to view our adoptable animals. This is updated daily. 
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