Why should you adopt?

Animal adoption saves lives! When you adopt, you save a loving animal by making them part of your family and open up shelter space for another animal who might desperately need it. Shelters and rescue groups are brimming with happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home. Adopt a dog or cat and get a friend for life.
*** At this time we are only accepting Wishlist applications for our Puppy and Kitten Wishlist. We have many adult dogs and cats available for adoption, you can apply for a specific adult animal in the shelter. When this changes we will let you know***

Adoption Fees
Cats & Kittens
Cat 11 months and older- $225
Kittens 10 months and younger- $285

Includes: Spay/Neuter, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, leukemia test, flea treatment, nail trim, ear cleaning, and microchip with registration.

Dogs & Puppies
Dogs 11 months and older- $325
Puppies 10 months and younger- $475

Includes: Spay/Neuter, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, heartworm test, flea treatment, nail trim, ear cleaning and microchip with registration.

*Transport Fee- $100

Due to the cost of transporting animals in from other states, if you choose to adopt a dog from out of state there will be a transport fee to help cover the cost. 

Rabbits & Ferrets

Guinea Pig
Rats, Mice, & Hamsters
Cash or charge only. No Checks.
* Please be advised-if using a debit or credit card there will be an additional charge of $5.00 per every $100.00 charged. This is to cover what we are charged from the credit card companies.
Our Policies



Forever Paws spays or neuters all cat and dogs for adoption. Small animals may or may not be altered. In the event that a cat or dog is unable to be altered prior to adoption, for medical or other reasons, a state mandated voucher will be issued. Per Massachusetts law, a refundable $40 deposit must be left with the shelter. Once the voucher is utilized and proof of the alter is submitted to the shelter the deposit will be refunded.


• All potential adopters must fill out an Adoption Application.

• All applications will be checked completely. Homeownership, landlord, veterinary references etc will be checked during the process. 

• Animal are NOT adopted on a "first come, first served" basis.

• Animals will be matched with the best adopter for their individual needs.

• All adopters will be required to sign an Adoption Contract before bringing a new pet home.

• Before consideration for adoption, all animals are evaluated by staff for obvious signs of health and/or behavior problems; however, the shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal.

Animal Surrender

Forever Paws has contracts with local towns and animal control officials to accept their stray and homeless animals. Due to our limited space we cannot accept an unlimited number of animals from the general public. Please call to inquire about scheduling an appointment.