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If you think you might be interested in becoming a volunteer, call

Director: Joyce Pinsonnault

Phone: 1-508-679-3063.

Forever Paws shelter is committed to educating our community regarding responsible pet ownership.
We work hard to raise awareness about animal rights, abuse and animal overpopulation through our various programs. We strive to promote empathy, kindness and compassion towards all animals.

    Pet Therapy
    We make visits to nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities with animals.

    Dog Bite Prevention
    This presentation teaches adults and children what behavior and body language to observe and why and when an animal may bite.

    Pet Overpopulation
    Why neutering and spaying your pet is so important in reducing unwanted animals, and improving
    the life and health of your pet.

    Responsible Pet Care
    Basic care required to ensure a healthy happy pet.

    Doggie Manners
    Obedience demonstration teaches why a well behaved pet is your best friend.
    basic obedience training takes only a few minutes a day and results in a happier relationship
    with your pet.

    How much is that doggie in the window
    Issues to consider when choosing a family pet, such as size, breed, personality, and the needs
    of your pet such as training and grooming.
    We address the different ways people obtain pets.

Volunteering at Forever Paws

Have you ever asked yourself "What can I do to help unfortunate animals?"

Consider becoming a volunteer. Volunteers play a vital role in the shelter's daily operations, such as:

    Walking and socializing dogs & cats.

    Cleaning kennels

    Doing tons of laundry.

    Maintaining the grounds and buildings.


    Contributing to our newsletters and publications.




Forever Paws is affiliated with BCC in Fall River for their Animal Care Science Program. Three members of the Board of Directors at Forever Paws are working with the Director of Workforce Development Transformation and the Professor at the college to ensure a successful program.

Friends & Sponsors

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Matt Fraser

World Renowned Psychic

Go Fetch!

All Natural Dog Treats

Anchor Animal Hospital

Quality Veterinary Care

Karen Daley

Animal Communicator

Mellisa's Pet Depot



Forever Paws spays or neuters all animals for adoption.

Forever Paws will only allow an animal into foster care prior to spay or neuter if the following circumstances occur:

•The foster home is well known to the shelter, and,

•The animal is unable to be neutered or spayed due to health problems. (As soon as health allows, the animal will be spayed or neutered).


• All potential adopters must fill out an Adoption Application.

• All background references will be checked completely.

• Animal are NOT adopted on a "first come, first served" basis.

• Animals will be matched with the best adopter for their individual needs.

• All adopters will be required to fill out an Adoption Contract before bringing a new pet home.

• Before consideration for adoption, all animals are evaluated by staff for obvious signs of health and/or behavior problems; however the shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal.

• All animals are given a full set of inoculations and vet care.

Animal Surrender

Forever Paws has contracts with local towns and animal control officials to accept their stray and homeless animals.
Due to our limited space we cannot accept an unlimited number of animals from the general public. A list of shelters and

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